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From April 2022 P.B.M. srl has joined Sunlight Group Energy Storage Systems: a leading global provider of industrial and advanced energy storage solutions, with 30 years of knowledge and experience in the development of safe and state-of-the-art solutions for lead-acid and lead-ion batteries.

A rapidly growing global business with European roots, Sunlight Group exports to more than 100 countries. The company’s production plant is located in Xanthi, northeastern Greece, and in the context of its international expansion and growth, two more two units (assembly hubs) have been established in Verona, Italy and North Carolina, USA.

With the intention of completing the offer to its customers, Sunlight has acquired P.B.M., since 1973 a global leader in the design and construction of industrial battery chargers.

Building on 12 years of research in lithium batteries for industrial applications and with a leading R&D team, Sunlight Group is currently investing in innovation and green energy and applying the principles of the circular economy model. R&D’s main focus is on the manufacturing of lithium modules and cells, while the team is also participating in EU research projects. 

At Sunlight Group, people are our most valuable asset and main contributors to our success. We currently employ over 1,200 professionals across our facilities and focus our efforts on further empowering our highly specialised and diverse workforce, by bringing on board more talent; experts that will experiment with top-notch technologies and create value through their work for our customers, our business, and the overall sector.

Driven by our commitment to inspire our people and unlock their potential, we have created an agile and innovative environment that promotes open communication and collaboration, while offering continuous learning and development opportunities.

Our core priority is to provide a safe and inclusive workplace that fosters creativity and development. And to cultivate a high-performing culture that allows our people to grow their skills and capabilities.

We are passionate about technology and strive to give our people the tools and opportunities to thrive!

If this sounds like you, and if you share our vision for creating a world where everyone can contribute to driving innovation, we’d love to hear from you!

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