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Instrument for reading the voltage in rapid and repeated sequence of elements / cells / batteries. The MultiBATTmeter can be used to display the status of elements / cells / batteries, either disconnected or charged by a battery charger, or under a discharge by a discharger.



1) Power supply from 230Vac, 50 / 60Hz, 5 VA consumption;
2) Display on LCD display 2 lines 16 characters per line;
3) Contemporary reading up to 64 elements / cells / batteries max;
4) Reading range from 1.00V to 18.00V;
5) All intermediate values ​​are programmable;
6) Resolution 1mV, then I read (for example) 2.069V or 12.234V;
7) The instrument is equipped with a rack that can accommodate from 1 to 8 cards (insertable), and each of which can read
up to 8 elements / cells / batteries;
8) The elements / cells can be galvanically isolated or connected in series to form a battery;
9) If the elements / cells are isolated two wires per element / cell are required;
10) If the elements / cells are connected in series, as many wires as the +1 elements are needed;
11) When the MultiBATTmeter is switched off, all information collected during the test will be lost;
12) The approximate dimensions of the electronic group are L = 300mm, P = 135mm, H = 80mm;
13) If the number of elements / cells / batteries is greater than 64, two instruments will be used.

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