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CH9 is full digital chopper based, universal battery charger for charging
all battery types in all environments, outdoor included.

SMART Battery Monitor identification device
Multi-Voltage, Multi A/h capabilities
NEMA 3R; IP54 cabinet box
Automatic Start/Stop Anti-Arcing Disconnect & Temperature control
High-Efficiency Technology
Able to recharge LEAD-ACID battery or LITHIUM battery



Multi-Voltage / Multi Ah Capabilities allow different batteries to charge on the same charger.
The same charger can work as standard or fast charger.
Easy setup and FW upgrade.
Thanks to adaptive control loops, dynamic performance and precision are excellent.
Extremely Robust and resalable thanks hi-quality components and redundancy in power section,
The pilot signal is available but also supporting Hot disconnection.
Wide voltage ranges from 2V to 120V up to 80kW.
Input Power supply voltage is 400Vac 440VAc 50HZ or 480Vac@60Hz or 600Vac@60Hz

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